Extra engine

Some weeks you just seem to be unable to go wrong; just after getting the bike, I received a phone call that there is a spare engine available for my 1929 501 T.  As engine parts for these bikes are rare and thus very expensive, did not have to wait long to decide to add this to my warehouse.  But alas … When a friend went by to pickup some parts for himself, “my” engine was no where to be found.  Several others were located, but no 500 unit.

Then last week, another call – this time the unit was actually in view by the caller.  It was a unit that had been used as a stationary engine, so some parts were not included.  But in all, it was very complete, and you can turn it over by hand, so nothing seems to be rusted solid.

Extra 501 T engine

Even though it runs, the plan is to open it up to see that all is actually OK inside.

For now, it has received a splash of all in all critical places, and has been stored away.


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