34. Int NSU Treffen Waging am See – Home

Surprisingly both my dad and me slept in today, so we started about an hour later then expected.  The weather was perfect for driving, and the traffic was fine.  Home at 1:30 PM, and by the time I write this “closure”, most of the stuff is unpacked and/or stored away, a new SIM card has been ordered, and I can start thinking about going back into a normal routine (even though I have two weeks of vacation left).

Some links with pictures form the Treffen:

Jasper Verstreaten (BE) @ Facebook
Photo gallery NSU Club Nederland
NSU Club Italia @ Facebook
(mixed with others)
Report @ Chiemgau24.de

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1 Response

  1. rob stroes says:

    Hoi Marc, ik nog even zitten gluren en heb wederom genoten.
    groetjes robS

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