35. Int NSU Treffen Cavalino – A Total Bust

I was under the impression I had arranged my subscription to the 35. Int NSU Treffen in Italy last year, already. However, while finishing packing my stuff, I could not find any messages anymore. So I tried to do a late registration. As you needed to reserve the camp ground separately, and the website would not allow any bookings for the week of the Treffen anymore, I dailed the +39 phone number of the site.

And was told that the entryfor the Treffen had been closed … !?!?

I know I was very late, but normally there are bunches of people registering only when they arrive at the Treffen site. I hope this year they do not drive all the way to Venice only to be rejected at the gate. Myself, I will not take the gamble, and stay home.

Now I have a 10 day hole in my calender, which most likely will be filled with some other NSU activities.

Disappointed …

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