34. Int NSU Treffen Waging am See – Day 4

During the night, some minor rain fell, but it was enough to prevent us from packing the tent dry.  We prepared for this, but it means I will have to unpack and dry it at home.  We were able to start the ride back around 9:30 AM.

A rather uneventful ride (just the expected Stau in various places) brought us to Hotel Siegburg West.  A real road-warrior motel where you register and have breakfast in the gas station.  But the beds are oké, you have a private bathroom at hand, and it is not too expensive.  Tomorrow morning we turn off the parking lot straight onto the highway A3.

I should be home around noon, my dad about an hour and a half later.  The roads will be busier, as the trucks that have been parked the whole long weekend due to a driving ban during holidays will be trying to make up lost time.

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