New scooter: Prima D (1956)

During the drive to and from the 31e International NSU Træf in Herning , Denmark, we discussed the fact that a scooter would be nice for my father to drive.  One of the guys driving along responded he had a scooter-and-a-half that he might be willing to hand over.  After we came back, a deal was made, and as of today there is (another) stack of parts in my fathers apartment.

Still needs an awfull lot of work, but we have some spare parts available to get one complete NSU Prima D on the road.  There’s no papers, but we do have a Dutch license plate which will come in handy when we visit the RDW for an examination to get new papers.

Before it was disassembled by the previous owner:

nsu roller

He did start the restauration attempt, but as this is  how we received the scooter:


it seems he did not get past the disassembly.

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