TT-K update

Most repairs have been done, and we are now waiting on the final parts. The engine cover has been modified so the mounting points for the footpegs of the replacement rear frame now have a place, the bushing on the shocks were replaced, and the cover has been repainted (from a can, Motip 41350, which is very close). The same can was used to remove some blodges and scratches, as well. New cabling was put in place, some issues in the steering were fixed, and most important, one of the two TT-K engines was mounted.

This week I received the headlamp cowling back from a friendly painter-around-the-corner; it is now almost as expensive as the engines were, but it looks marvelous. So the last thing should be to get the fuel tank cleaned and sealed. Costs will be getting in the area of what a fully driveable machine would have cost me, but for this price I know that all the important stuff has been replaced or rebuild, and that is something you will never know for sure on a complete-buy …

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