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  1. Marc du Bois says:

    The move made me aware of something; for some reason multiple parties seem to think they are the ones that need to save the former GeoCities data, and host it for your, as previous owner, without any notification to yourself. So while you go on updating your site in it’s new location, stale data is left in multiple places, polluting search results and potentionaly hijacking or diverting traffic.to the new-and-improved version.

    In the past week I contacted Geocities.ws, and Oocities.com to request dismissal of “my” sites as hosted on their servers. And Webring somewhere seems to have decided to do the same, but they provided my a service to simply remove both my stale NSU webring and the site copy they were hosting.

    I’ll make sure to keep on Googling myself for the coming months to see where else my site might have been duplicated.

    Be aware … !

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