34. Int NSU Treffen Waging am See – Day 3

The day started with little cloud, and the sun pushed the temperature to a nice level.  As always, people arrive for just the weekend, or even just the Saturday.  Today was no different, and amongst the arrivals was a very nice 1922 8Ps motorcycle.

Saturday is by tradition the group ride and photo. The area planned for the photo was still very soggy, and 300+ cars would have destroyed it.  So the venue was moved to the NSU parking lot in front of the camping Kurhaus, at the end of the tour.

The tour was short, but with enough steep hills to challenge the smaller two-wheelers. The route intersected at two places, which gave the participants a good opportunity to see some of the others NSU’s instead of just the one in front or behind you.

The parking for the photo was done very efficiently, and for once the people promptly responded to the question to clear away. Two photo’s were made, one with, and one without the drivers.  The camera was mounted on a drone, so no time was lost in repositioning the lift, or having the zeppelin fight the wind.

Group photo Waging am See 2014

Funny to see that all the Münch Mammut drivers that came to visit the Treffen thought of themselves as handicapped:

Handicapped Münches at Waging

At the current rate of prices for parts for these bikes, it should not be a surprise they feel this way.

Tonight another festive evening in what will surely be a crowded Festhalle, which (for me) will not end to late, as tomorrow morning by 10 AM we need to vacate the camping and we have a 650km drive for a quick stop-over hotel.. We pre-packed the items we no longer need, so just the sleeping items, toiletries, and tent remain for the morning.  The tent can be packed in a motorcycle luggage pack, so we do not have to wait for it to dry.

Many people had packed the tents connected to their caravans in the late afternoon sun, and even all club-pubs have been stored.  Most visitors do not want to have to pack this wet from dew or incidental night rain.  But this means all remaining visitors will be in the Festhalle tonight, making it extra busy.  So we decided to have a quiet barbeque.

Barbeque at Waging am See

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