New moped: 1960 NSU Quickly TT(K)

During a visit to a person that has loads of NSU stuff, I noticed this bike – it is a TT-K, but has a normal 3-speed engine mounted. As the engines are rare, this is something that happens a lot. But the frame number will tell you it’s a TT-K, or not.
Thinking that the engine would come later, I decided to add this one to the growing collection. Initially just in storage, but I did do an inventory:

  • To mount the standard engine, they sawed off the mounting point for the drivers footpegs
    But this did mean I have the correct chaincover (there is a difference between TT and TT-K in this)
  • The engine cover is one for a TT, so I am looking for someone to trade an original TT-K.
  • The headlight cover is damaged beyond repair
  • The rear shocks were mounted, but the bushings were completely worn

When they added the mopeds to the registered vehicles in the Netherlands in 2006 I got a license on this unit, as for the intake they did not have to be running, just mostly complete. So once this unit has been re-setup (it’s too good for a full restoration), I can immediately put it for a long test run.

As always, both good (club) contacts are invaluable when looking for parts. One of the members of the NSU Club Nederland had a complete rear fork for me, with the footpeg mounts. And after some time on eBay I now own 2(!) TT-K engines, one revised, and one original for a spare unit.

The revising set for the rear shocks and the (sadly very expensive) new headlight cowling came from the regular Quickly-spares dealers, and for 99.5% we should have all complete to start the update.

NSU Quickly TT-K (1960)

NSU Quickly TT-K (1960)

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    Where to buy parts of 1960 nsu quickly

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