34. Int NSU Treffen Waging am See – the trip to …

Started this morning at 8 AM, loading two Quickly’s on the trailer, and putting tent and some bags in the car.  My dad decided to bring the Dutch Quickly L, as the TT-K had not had a good test drive since the previous repairs.

Just before 9, we started for a stint of just 620 kilometers to Erlangen, Germany.  We might have done the trip to Waging am See in one go, but that would have meant setting up the tent in the evening, and most likely our backs would not have agreed with that action (amongst others I inherited my dad’s bad back).

The main roads in Germany are riddled with road works, but overall we just had about 40 minutes of delay, so not too bad.

Just in case, the Quickly are located at the Emergency gathering location of the hotel, already.

Quickly's gathering for safety

Tomorrow we start with an early breakfast, and then a short (300km) trip to the Treffen grounds, so we should be able to check in there before lunch.

Too bad the Max still showed carburetor problems, would have liked to drive around the area with the regular motor group. Still, many people will recognize the green N, and wonder how this ugly (read: original with patina) bike seems to get everywhere.

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