34. Int NSU Treffen Waging am See – Day 1

An uneventfull drive this morning, apart from being surrounded by a biker gang, luckily all showing thumbs-up at the Quickly’s on the trailer.  In Germany it is not just Ascension Day, but also Fathers Day, and the roads are full of Fathertagcommando’s.

We could check in at the grounds around 11 AM, and had almost completed setting up the tent when the rain started.  And only now (4:30 PM) it seems to be slowly coming up to a dry spell.  Real NSU-Treffen weather.

NSU Weather in Waging

Tomorrow should be better, the weekend even great.

Other teams are coming in; 460 had pre-registered, but at least 30 late entries were on the list, already.

My phone is failing. Seems the SIM-card is being blocked.  So the camping WLAN is now my only means of communication …

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